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1955 Founding of Osaka Sanitary Metal Industries Cooperative Union's parent company, San-A Seisakusho.
1969 San-A Seisakusho and 14 other companies linked together to form Osaka Sanitary Metal Industries Cooperative Union, to produce and sell sanitary grade products under the guidance of Osaka Prefecture and the Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Corporation.
1976 Tokyo Office opened to build up the sales activities of the area.
1988 First phase plant expansion.
1990 Capital increased to 60 million yen by 3rd capital increase.
1992 Promotion to Tokyo Office.
1996 Fifth phase plant expansion.
1999 Welfare house built. 30th anniversary of the Union.
2000 No.2 plant built.
2004 Test equipment establishment in No.2 plant.
2005 System of three headquarters of business, production, and technology The 50th anniversary of founding Overseas subsidiary (100% investment) establishment in Chinese Chechiang province. RI JIA SANITARY METAL(JIAXING)CO.,LTD.
2007 Showroom & Presentation room built. (2015 Closed)
2008 Techno center built. (2018 Closed)
2014 Organizational change from cooperative business association to a stock corporation.
2015 Shin-Osaka Office built.
2016 Tokyo Life Innovation Center built.
2018 Future Architect Center built.
(2021 Integrated into Tokyo Life Innovation Center.)
2020 Tochigi Factory built.
2022 Fukuoka Office built.